Detailing: 5 Tips to protect your vehicle this winter

Detailing: 5 Tips to protect your vehicle this winter

In the winter season our vehicles are the most susceptible to harsh conditions. Washing your car in the winter is important in order to remove buildup of mud, ice, and snow. It is recommended by experts to do this at least once a week. Keep in mind that winter detailing can be tricky especially when you’re dealing with freezing temperatures and road salt. It is important in these winter months to make vehicle protection a priority over aesthetics.

  1. A hand wash is the best wash. Be sure to remove road salt as soon as possible. Salt is notorious for prematurely degrading and damaging waxes and sealants. Warm water and a wash cloth are the best solution for removing caked on road salt.
  2. If you have salt stains on your carpets, floor mats or car seats use a solution of half water and half refined vinegar to remove them.
  3. It is best not to ignore potential rust spots. Keep in mind touch-up paint doesn’t adhere well to rust. This winter, keep some matching touch up paint on hand so you can touch up any nicks or scratches before rust has a chance to form. These nicks are often found outside the door edges. (If this is something you don’t feel comfortable doing yourself we recommend booking an appointment on and our experts will be happy to help.)
  4. To provide added protection during the winter months we suggest applying a spray wax once the surface has fully dried.
  5. Be cautious when using an ice scraper on your vehicle, particularly when removing debris from your headlight or taillight, scratched can ultimately lead to irreversible damage and headlight replacement.

At home detailing isn’t for everyone, so if you’d rather stay warm by the fireplace during these cold winter months don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle into any CARSTAR Express location and we can take care of it for you!


Attention to Detail: The Benefits of Auto Detailing

Auto detailing can often be overlooked by car owners, but when it is done right and by an expert it can take years off the look of your vehicle. Professional detailing does not only benefit old, run down cars, it is also a great way to maintain and preserve the look of a new vehicle.

We can’t expect to keep the same car forever, selling or trade-ins are inevitable over time. An unkempt interior and exterior reflects a lack of regular vehicle maintenance and this can ultimately diminish the resale value of the vehicle. Most people will associate a lack of maintenance with a neglected engine and be hesitant to purchase, so do yourself a favour and clean your car.

Make that first impression count!

Let’s be honest, driving a nice, shiny car is much more rewarding than driving a dull, dirty one. A clean vehicle reflects your personality. It shows that you care about your car and promotes a positive overall image. This is particularly important if you use your vehicle for business, the cleanliness of your vehicle will leave a lasting impression on the people who see it!

Ask the expert!

Q) Does auto detailing really increase the value of my car?

A) Yes.

It is reported that the average Canadian keeps their car for 5+ years before selling or trading it in for a new one. As people keep their vehicles longer they are exposed to more wear and tear such as; small scratches and dings, seasonal factors causing rust such as road salt and ice, and UV damage from the sun. These same seasonal factors will also affect your vehicle’s interior, salt and mud covered carpets caused by messy winter boots, and in the summer we all know how easy it is for the beach to end up on our car seats.

Next week we will be discussing some DIY winter detailing tips easy enough for anyone to do at home. Stay tuned!